It's almost time for Easter and this year's art round!

We are pleased to collaborate with VSKG, Västra Skånes Konstnärsgille and for this year's art round, three artists from VSKG will exhibit at Smygehus Havsbad.


Eva Ahnborg Svensson shows watercolours where she draws inspiration from nature Not in direct depictions of a specific place or moment, but her paintings are landscape views where light and mood matter most. In her landscapes there are houses. The purpose of having one or more houses or farms in the landscape is to show man's part in nature The buildings are a symbol of life and man with nature as a basis.

Catharina Brüggmann is best known for his sheep paintings. Or maybe it's the audience who can't get enough of that motif. Kindly, ghostly, slightly awkward, they stand there looking at us. If they even look, because we don't know. Yet we make a strong and heartfelt connection. Maybe that's the secret of their popularity.

Monica A-C Lindhe, MacLindhe, is back for the second year in a row with new photographs in which she has photographed reality and then used her own photographs to create a new reality on the computer.


The exhibition at Smygehus Havsbad is open on Good Friday, Easter Eve, Easter Day and Easter Monday.

At Katrinetorp Landeri there is a collective exhibition during two weekends: the Easter weekend and the following weekend. There will be a vernissage on the evening of Maundy Thursday 28 March, read more here: exhibition

Here you can download a map of all the stops on this year's art tour:


A warm welcome to enjoy Easter, art and not least great food at Smygehus Havsbad!