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Meetings at Smygehus Havsbad

Smygehus Havsbad is the natural meeting place right by the sea! Here you will find everything you need for your important meeting. From flexible premises, where the furniture is adapted to your needs to a fantastic three-course dinner and good wines that are part of the experience.

From 5 to 160 participants, we offer Stern, Bow, Starboard, Cabin and Ship. All with PC projector, whiteboard and wifi. Pads, pens and lovely fruit platters are also available! Our beautiful nature also invites meetings out in the open, why not take a short walk meeting - "Walk and talk" during the day?

We have extensive experience in organising meetings and are happy to help with ideas to enhance your meeting! 

As an overnight conference guest, you always have free access to to our relaxation area with gym, sauna and two hot pools, one with a sea view! 


Let the sea lull you to sleep in one of our spacious single rooms, located either in a charming little house or inside the hotel. We have 40 holiday homes, all located in a scenic seaside setting, and 14 rooms in the main building. 

The holiday homes have a patio, dining area and sofa group on the ground floor, perfect for hanging out after a long conference day. There is also a bathroom with shower and toilet. Upstairs are the two bedrooms, each with two beds, and a toilet. 

We have accommodation for 150 guests.


The way to a successful meeting is through your stomach! Everything from the homemade cakes to the coffee hour, the three-course dinner in the evening to the breakfast buffet with herring, scrambled eggs, pancakes and home-pressed juice!

With great passion, we bake and cook everything from scratch and with as local products as we can and the season offers, always with love for the good flavours! 

In the dining room, with the sea as your neighbour, you will enjoy your meals and coffee breaks. With us, the whole thing is important, from the drink in the bar to the dinner in the restaurant, we offer our personal service and world-class flavours. Welcome to enjoy. 

Conference package

24-hour conference

Price from:

SEK 2,630

Day conference

Price from:

SEK 655

The activities

After the day's conference, you are welcome to relax in our relaxation area, where there are two heated pools, a gym and a sauna. Here you can enjoy a smoothie and a dip in the outdoor pool. 

Smygehus Havsbad offers a unique, seaside environment for exciting activities, whether you want to spend time indoors or outdoors, there are fantastic opportunities here.

If you want even more energy, we suggest a team-building activity with one of our local partners, all of them experts in their field. Together we tailor your package into a holistic experience that strengthens the team. We offer inspiration with team games, pentathlon and obstacle course, yoga, magic, riddles, ceramics workshop and mindfulness.

Why not try to solve a mystery with our new partner "Sherlocked"?

Suggestions for Activities


Different challenges that are partly tailored to the customer's wishes. Some examples: Clever puzzle, not always the one who thinks he has the answer succeeds Rolling the ball, seems simple but appearances are deceiving Tug of war, tactics before strength Brick building, with tongue right in mouth... Lego Statue, how is communication really? All the activities are carried out by skilled educators who weave your theme into the activities.


Working with clay is both relaxing and stimulating. It is often a completely new area for the participants, it is a return to childhood, play, when you absorbed the most knowledge. We work together with Emma P. Dahl, active ceramist and educator. Emma goes through the basics while all participants get a piece of clay to experiment with. The artworks can then be viewed before dinner and after firing you will get them to the office.

Sherlocked - unsolved cases, 60 min:

Take a break from reality and step into the role of detectives for an hour. To solve these tricky cases, you need to rub your brains and work together properly! A thrilling experience where you compete against each other in teams - who will solve the case first? Fine prizes are promised to the winning team! Choose between the two unsolved cases Masterthief and Missing Landlord. The games are conducted on site by staff from Sherlocked, dressed in period clothing 

The House of Challenges, 60-90 min:

Accept challenges together with the experienced gang from Utmaningarnas Hus in Malmö, experts in team building since 2006. The game is packaged in a flexible format where each team starts with a bag full of props that you can use during the game. During 60 or 90 min of playing time, you get to boost team spirit in missions such as "Bartender", "Theme Song", "Braniac", "Bob the Builder" or "The Tourist". The variety is part of the charm as there are about 40 missions to choose from.

YOGA, 45-90 MIN:

We create a class adapted to your needs and conditions. Yoga is a fantastic tool for team building that increases focus and creates community. Lovely way to unwind and really relax. Yoga - performed in Yogahuset, an 8-minute lovely walk through the village of Smygehamn or on the beach below Smygehus.


 QUIZ with Quizmaster Teddy Landén, former journalist at TV4, SVT and P4 Malmöhus and strives for not only the questions but also the atmosphere to be at its best when the teams collide! 

General education or Theme Quiz covers everything from society, politics & history to film, sport, music and cartoon characters. What was the name of Alexander the Great's horse, for example? What color is the Black Box in an airplane?  

Magic workshops, 60 min:

Fredrik Ahlbertz is Swedish champion and grand prix winner in what is called close-up magic. Magic up close, personal and exclusive. Now is your chance to learn some well-kept secrets while marveling and having fun. If desired, the Workshop can be tailored to explore themes such as Creativity, learning, practice and performance. 

Teambuilding smygehus Havsbad Smyge Utveckling Susana Bernardini

team spirit and mindfulness, 60-120 min:

 Our unique session is dedicated to promoting teamwork and emotional intelligence through inspiring activities in nature and with with the help of mindfulness.
This tailored experience is aimed at active people participants who wish to strengthen their team and build a more cohesive community. Through various group-based activities you will not only to deepen your relationships but also increase the understanding of each other's strengths and abilities, everything with the inspiring nature as a background. 

Music quiz with live music, 60-90 min:

We can offer music bingo, music quiz or melody cross, all with local artists and live music creating a great atmosphere!

We work with "Mitt i Bruset" and "Lilla Beddinge Theatre" and other local talented musicians.

Meeting rooms

Our meeting rooms offer flexibility both in size and in furnishings, we can offer classic conference seating as well as alternative furnishings with armchairs or standing tables. From 5 to 90 participants, we offer Stern, Bow, Starboard, Cabin and Ship and Port. All with PC projector, whiteboard and wifi. Pads, pens and lovely fruit platters are also available! Let's be creative together and see what best suits the purpose of your meeting!





Swedish meetings

Svenska Möten are experts in meetings and help companies and organizations to develop by harnessing the power of the personal meeting. The fact that Smygehus Havsbad is selected by Svenska Möten means a guarantee for you as a customer that we meet high quality requirements and are certified according to Svenska Möten's classification system.

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Scanian meetings

We are members of Skånska Möten, which represents around fifty selected meeting places in Scania. Skånska Möten books and markets everything from the small personal hotel that only accepts one group at a time, to large, sustainable conference facilities.

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our vision

With us, organizations, large and small, should feel warmly welcome to hold creative conferences in an inspiring environment with good service & food.

Said about us by guests:

"The food was fantastic and the service high class, very nice rooms with all the equipment needed. Highly recommend."
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40 - 100 people


Cinema seating: maximum 100 people

School attendance: maximum 80 people

Islands: maximum 75 people

Chairs in a ring: maximum 50 people

The room includes:
Flipchart, projector, TV, whiteboard, speakers, wifi, notepad, microphone/mosquito screen on request

11 - 20 people

The cabin

Cinema seating: maximum 20 people

Board meeting: maximum 20 people

School attendance: maximum 20 people

Chairs in a ring: maximum 20 people

U-table: maximum 16 people

The room includes:
Flipchart, projector, TV, whiteboard, speakers, wifi, notepad

15 - 30 people

The ship

Cinema seating: max 30 people

Board meeting: max 22 people

School attendance: maximum 30 people

Chairs in a ring: maximum 24 people

U-table: maximum 24 people

Islands: maximum 20 people

The room includes:
Flipchart, projector, TV, whiteboard, speakers, wifi, notepad 

5 - 10 people


Board meeting: maximum 10 people

The room includes:
Flipchart, TV, wifi, notepad

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