Celebrate holidays by the sea

Holidays at Smygehus

Celebrate all the year's holidays with us at Smygehus Havsbad

Party, wedding & celebration

The framework for your festive moments can be found at Smygehus Havsbad.

A place with atmosphere and history for all moments of life; wedding, baptism, birthday, memorial service. The ever-present strip of beach is just as beautiful to view regardless of the season. Smygehus Havsbad has a hundred-year history of parties and other gatherings. Today, as then, we offer an experience out of the ordinary.

How do you want to fill the frame?


Smygehus Havsbad is the ideal place for those of you who want to celebrate your love for each other, with a wedding next to the sea. Get married at our beach meadow where the reeds are densely misted.

Party & Holiday

At the historic Smygehus Havsbad, we offer several lovely dining rooms to gather family and friends in. Our chefs prepare a menu according to your wishes and we set the table festively in the lower dining room or in our banquet hall. During the warm season, you can start the evening with sparkling wine on the terrace and hear the lapping of the waves.

We'll take good care of you during the evening and if you want to dance, just hit your heels on the roof!


Collect your thoughts and memories in a quiet and relaxing place. The sea and the sky are always present and just as soothing and beautiful regardless of the season.

We light candles and serve a good meal or coffee and sandwich. You get time to socialize and look both backwards and forwards.

Many choose to sit in our Chambre Separée with room for up to 25 people. If you are between 25-80, you can sit in our celebration room or in the dining room. White linen tablecloths and napkins are included in the table setting, but we discuss flowers and other details until a solution that feels good to you. Feel free to take a walk on the beach or sit for a while on the veranda afterwards.

Holidays by the sea

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Said about us by guests:

"Fantastically good food. Extremely nice salad table. Very good homemade bread. Coffee + cookies included. Lovely setting with the sea outside! Kind and pleasant staff but unfortunately the service is far too slow."
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